Real Estate Web Site

For a project during my Server Side Web, Dylan Romkey and I were asked to make a part of a real estate website. To complete this project we had to have the functionality fo 9 use cases that were mainly directed towards maintaining agents, customers and listings.

Our first task was to come up with a logo and design for the site. We both agreed that we wanted a clean and professional look. Dylan quickly designed the logo and we came up with First Class Real Estate. I then started making the basic layout of the website. We kept the website clean with a slate colour for the font and white background.

About the Code

The Server Side Web class was a class where we learned how to use ASP.NET. So obviously we used ASP.NET to create the website, for the server side code we went with Visual Basics since we just had started learning C# and were more comfortable with VB.NET.

Doing a server side project was a great challenge for us at the beginning because we were so used to code desktop applications. The whole aspect that the front end is not connected to your code behind was used to us. But after a while of practicing we got used to that, and realised that you can have the same functionality on the web as you do on desktop.

Thanks to this project and more projects afterwards I can now program ASP.NET application with ease and confidence.