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War Card Game

During my Object Oriented Programing class, we were asked to create a card game using our new skills.

I decided to go back in time a re-create one of my favourite childhood card game. War is a simple two player card game. You both start with half the deck. Both players flip a card at the same time, the player with the highest card value wins both cards. If a tie occurs its War time, which means both player flip two more cards and the one with the highest value of the last card flipped wins the whole pot. A player wins the game by having all 52 cards.

About the Code

This was a project done during the last term of my first year at NBCC Moncton. At the time the language we were mostly writing with was VB.NET, which is the language that was used. The Game has two main projects, the Class Library and the Front End. In the Class Library I created multiple objects, Card Deck, Players Hand and Battle. On the Front End it was just the visual code (game board, about form and main form). This project was a great learning opportunity. I learned how you can write some simple objects and make your code 10x easier to write on the front end. Also, that even with just a desktop application you can create anything you want.

I have a .zip file below that contains the setup file for the game. Enjoy!